mercredi 10 octobre 2007

Assigment #2

The episode started five days before Zero hour. The commandant of the SGC General O’Neill met his new assistant . After that he spoke to Amond , he refused to let sg1 go to one of the old base of Anubis and a scientists founded a plant that grows really fast .

Four days before Zero hour sg1 were captured by Baal.

Three days before Zero hour O’Neill was questioning Camulus when he confessed that he founded a thing made by the Ancient . That was an E2PZ. The stargate broke without a reason .

Two days before the Zero hour , The E2PZ was trapped. That is why they decided to exchange it for SG1. But that didn’t work .

One day before Zero hour, SG1 was not a prisoner of Baal, they were just lost in the Anubis base.

Zero hour , The president of the United States arrived at the SGC. Finally the new assistant of O’Neill was just a spy for the president .

jeudi 30 août 2007

Assigment # 1

Stargate SG1 is my favourite tv program. First because it is the only program that I started to watch when I was in primary school and I still always watch it now and I'm at my second year of Cegep. Second because SG1 are always in big trouble because they have lots of enemies always more powerful than the others and every time they find a way to fight against those enemies . I hope that this project will help me in english and will teach me new words . The story takes place in an underground base of the U.S Air Force call the Cheyenne Mountain Comlexe . There are four mains characters Jack O’Neill ,Samantha Carter , Dr Daniel Jackson and Teal’C . Gen. Jack O’Neill he was the SG1 leader but he is now StarGate Center (SGC) commander . Lt .Col . Samantha Carter is one of the best scientists of the earth . Dr Daniel Jackson is an archeologist and a luiguist . He is a specialist of ancient Egypt .Finally Teal’C he was the chief of the Apophis supreme guard now he fights Goa’uld with SG1 (he is an alien ). I watch Episode 3 of the eighth season Lockdown . In this episode a Russian officer came to the SGC to be a menber of an SG team . But he didn’t know that he carries the spirit of Anubis because he needs to be in a human body to pass the Stargate and return to his home base .